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Wermod & Wermod Publishing Group er et forlag med base i Storbritannia. Forlaget gir ut bøker via sine to underavdelinger ved navn The Palingenesis Project og Iron Sky Publishing.

Forlaget ble grunnlagt i 2009 av Alex Kurtagic, bosatt i England og blant annet kjent som forfatter av boken Mister.

Om forlaget

"We are independent publishers, specialising in fiction and non-fiction, approached from a range of alternative, or dissident, perspectives that are critical of the Freudo-Marxian scholastic orthodoxy of contemporary academia.

Our writers come from a tradition whose exponents and influeces include Friedrich Nietzsche, Oswald Spengler, Carl Schmitt, Ernst Jünger, René Guenon, Alain de Benoist, Julius Evola, and Sir Francis Galton.

We currently have two imprints: Iron Sky Publishing, specialising in dystopian, apocalyptic, and post-apocalyptic, as well as alternative (modern) history, fiction and science fiction; and The Palingenesis Project, specialising in philosophy, sociology, metapolitics, cultural criticism, sociobiology, anthropology, history, and European paganism.[1]



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